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How much does ‘it’ cost – understanding opportunities and barriers to sharing data on Development Impact Bonds (DIBs)

A Hack-and-Learn event, which brings together policy makers and coders to jointly solve problems and learn from the data, examined costs associated with Development Impact Bonds (DIBs).


The cost of ensuring ‘leaving no one behind’

LAMP examines how to estimate the cost of leaving no one behind on a donor-funded multi-country programme implemented in East and Central Africa as well as South-East Asia.


Developing a VFM framework for the Skills for Prosperity (S4P) programme

LAMP provided technical assistance on value for money to the S4P country programmes as part of global level Hub programme management and MEL support.


Mapping National Health Accounts to Health Systems Strengthening Investments

Itad and LAMP Development were commissioned by Global Fund to conduct a mapping exercise to inform how the Global Fund can align and harmonise health systems strengthening efforts with national priorities. Here we share the benefits and lessons from such a mapping exercise.


Going digital for maternal health. Does it provide a social return on investment?  

In 2017, LAMP conducted one of the first social return on investment (SROI) studies on the digitisation of health systems. In partnership with E4A-MamaYe, LAMP sought to assess the value of the early stages of the digitisation of the maternal, perinatal death surveillance and review (MPDSR) system in Lagos, Nigeria.

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