Dr. Ijeoma Edoka

Associate Consultant

Ijeoma is a health economist with several years of’ experience in applied health econometric analyses and economic evaluation of health care programmes and interventions. Ijeoma has also led several capacity building initiatives aimed at strengthening health economics capacity in sub-Saharan Africa, including theGates-funded Teaching Vaccine Economics Everywhere (TVEE) initiative in Southern Africa. Between 2018 and 2021, Ijeoma was the joint coordinator of the MPH Health Economics programme and coordinator of all Economic Evaluation modules at the Wits School of Public Health, South Africa.

Ijeoma is a member of several national and international technical advisory committees, including the South Africa National Advisory Group on Immunisation (NAGI), the WHO-Afro Regional Immunisation Technical Advisory Group (RITAG), the WHO Geneva Steering Committee on Country-Led Assessment for Prioritisation on Immunisation (CAPACITI), and the Technical Working Group on the Cost-effectiveness and Budget Impact of COVID-19 vaccines for the South African Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 vaccines.

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