TARGET Ethiopia VFM support

Location Ethiopia

The Project

Client: Montrose International  

Dates: Multi-year

Project Description: The General Education Quality Improvement Program for Equity Project (GEQIP-E) aimed to assist the Government of Ethiopia in improving internal efficiency, equitable access, and quality of general education in Ethiopia. Starting from March 2018, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) provided £110 million to GEQIP-E, comprising £90 million in financial aid and £20 million in technical assistance. This financial aid contributed to a multi-donor funded operation aimed at materialising the GEQIP-E through a Programme for Results approach managed by the World Bank. ​​  

​​​The technical assistance element of GEQIP-E was abbreviated to TARGET. TARGET was implemented by a consortium composed of the Education Development Trust, Link Community Development International, and the Ethiopia Center for Disability and Development. TARGET worked with the Government of Ethiopia at federal, regional, woreda and school levels to address the systemic challenges facing the education system, in order to improve its overall equity, quality, efficiency, and sustainability.  ​  

Our Role: FCDO engaged Montrose International to assess the performance of TARGET at various points throughout its implementation and to provide monitoring and evaluation support. ​LAMP Development providrf Value for Money (VfM) expertise and support to TARGET, including reviewing and strengthening its VfM framework and strategy and conducting VfM reviews as part of the mid-line and endline evaluations. 

​​Team Members: Adesoji Ologun, Jennifer Armitage 


  • LAMP conducted a review of TARGET’s VfM strategy and the systems set up to implement VfM. 
  • LAMP is supporting TARGET to improve the measurement of VfM. 
  • LAMP is working closely with the evaluation team to integrate an assessment of VfM within the overall design of the endline evaluation. 

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