VFM for Fleming Fund Phase 1 independent evaluation

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The Project

Fleming Fund Phase 1 was a £265 million programme funded by the UK government (Department of Health) to invest in improving laboratory capacity for diagnosis and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in low-income countries where AMR has a disproportionate impact.
Phase 1 of the programme started in 2017 and ran for 5 years. It had various objectives:

• Strengthen surveillance of drug resistance
• Build laboratory capacity for diagnosis
• Collect data on drug resistance
• Enable sharing of data
• Collating and analysing data on sale of antibiotics/antimicrobial medicine
• Advocacy – promoting rational use of antibiotics
• Design a sustainable system for AMR surveillance and data sharing

Working with Itad, LAMP developed an approach for the VfM aspect of the evaluation of the Fleming Fund and provided support to implement the VFM component of the Phase 1 evaluation.

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  • LAMP provided inputs to a learning event for the programme which is using an adaptive management approach to improve impact
  • A literature review of best practice on VFM in fund management informed the evaluation design
  • Involvement from inception to end of a four-year evaluation, implemented across 16 countries in Africa and Asia.

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Fleming Fund: what does value for money at a country level look like?

LAMP contributes to the evaluation of Fleming Fund. This is a summary of a review of common practices assessing VFM in grant management and fellowship programmes.

  • External publication with LAMP contribution
  • Article / Evaluation
  • February 12, 2021

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