VFM support to WISH2ACTION

Location Multi-country

The Project

Client: International Planned Parenthood Federation  

Dates: ​​Multi-year

Project Description: The Women’s Integrated Sexual Health programme (WISH2ACTION – W2A) was a £155.6 million UKAid-funded programme​. Led by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF),​ it​ provided contraception ​to women ​as part of integrated and holistic healthcare ​services​​. Between 2018-2023, W2A aimed to provide contraception to 2.7​ million​ additional users in 15 countries across South Asia and Africa. The programme was run by a consortium of five organisations: the International Rescue Committee, Options, Development Media International, Marie Stopes International, and Humanity and Inclusion UK. Ten IPPF member organisations helped deliver the programme.  

Our Role: From March 2020 to November 2023, LAMP worked with W2A ​​​​​​to​ embed a comprehensive ​Value for Money (VfM) ​approach ​across the programme​. This was in line with the value for money initiative of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), which aims to​ ensure​ greater accountability and impact in spending on overseas development aid. 

At the beginning of LAMP’s ​support​​ to the programme, LAMP developed a V​f​​​M strategy and framework to provide FCDO with information for external reporting and internal insights.​ LAMP continued to work with W2A as their VfM partner, carrying out costing analyses, value for money assessments and a series of VFM training webinars.

Team Members: Adesoji Ologun, Jennifer Armitage, Molly Wood, Temitope Oke  


  • LAMP worked with W2A to embed V​f​M within the programme by improving knowledge and understanding of ​Vf​​​M across the consortium.​ This included ​​designing ​regular webinars ​tailored to​​ the specific ​capacities of the programme’s various teams and to their practical ​​application of VfM ​in their everyday activities​. 
  • LAMP conducted annual V​f​​M assessments for the programme. Each assessment included recommendations from the W2A’s third party monitor, recommendations from previous assessments, and the priorities of the programme itself.​ ​ 
  • ​​Through ​its ​assessment of the first year of the programme, ​LAMP identified that over £820k in VfM savings had been made since the programme started. This is equivalent to 1.7% of programme expenditure in the same period.​  
  • LAMP’s equity costing and cost effectiveness analyses of service delivery channels identified the costs involved in reaching vulnerable and hard to reach groups, as well as the costs associated with different delivery methods. This data is crucial information for both implementer and donor.  

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Conducting VFM analysis by output

Our learning on measuring VFM by output, based on our experience of supporting programme implementers. This was a new requirement at the time from UK’s FCDO.

  • LAMP publication
  • Thought Piece / Value for Money
  • June 18, 2021

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