One Acre Fund cost effectiveness analysis

Location Kenya

The Project

Client: One Acre Fund  

Dates: ​2020 – 2022 

Project Description: The One Acre Fund (OAF) works with farmers directly to improve household food production and nutritional status. OAF’s ​​work ​​in w​​estern Kenya addresses both poverty and malnutrition in targeted smallholder farming households across OAF’s Kenyan farmer network. With funding from the Children’s Investment Fund​, OAF established a nutrition programme which aimed to improve the dietary diversity of these families, particularly among children and pregnant and lactating women, by increasing household food production and consumption of nutritious food.​

Our Role: To assess the impact of ​this nutrition programme, Kantar was commissioned to conduct an evaluation, using a quasi-experimental approach, to compare​ outcomes relating to​​ household dietary diversity​, women’s dietary diversity,​ and minimum acceptable diet ​of children between six and 23 months.  

As part of this evaluation, LAMP conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis of adding the ​​nutrition​​programme to the c​​ore ​OAF ​programme​. This ​analysis compared the costs and benefits of the two respective programmes ​to assess whether the additional benefits from the nutrition programme justif​​ied its additional costs.  

Team Members: Ijeoma Edoka, Jennifer Armitage  


  • LAMP conducted a c​​ost-effectiveness analysis of OAF’s nutrition intervention, including a Social and Behaviour Change Communication component.  
  • Findings from LAMP’s cost-effectiveness analysis ​​are expected to be used to inform OAF’s future programmes.   

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